Movie Review: Gravity (2013)

Out of this world experiences await..Literally.
Out of this world experiences await..Literally.

Reviewed by: Phantomhour (Brendan Graham)

The term “Movie Magic” is thrown around a tad bit too often to be considered special. In my opinion, a movie that pulls off this “magic” should be one that leaves you in awe, absorbs you into the world of the film completely, and just makes your jaw drop to the floor in amazement. Does Gravity join the ranks of the films that achieve “movie magic”?

So....come here often?
So….come here often?

Normally, I would give you the basic story and then get to what I like about the movie, but I feel like you probably know enough about the movie already just by either seeing the trailer or even just looking at the poster, literally, it’s a pretty basic story and I’d rather not spoil any of it.

What Worked: The visuals. Dear god. Some of the most beautiful visual effects i have seen in a movie. Part of how a movie can win an audience over is the attention to details, and all the details are here from the reflections off the helmets to the planetary debris circling the planet, you totally buy that this is outer space, and you start to feel like you’re there with them. Along with the visuals, you have the usual argument whether or not 3D is worth it. It’s absolutely worth it in Gravity, in fact I would say it’s necessary. The depth of space behind the actors, and the free flying debris that literally flies into your face a few times, it’s awe inspiring and adds to the growing tension in the film.

Absolutely terrifying wouldn't begin to describe this feeling of drifting away.
Absolutely terrifying wouldn’t begin to describe this feeling of drifting away.

The movie is also incredibly tense and frightening, I can’t recall when the last time I saw a theater of people who were all at the edge of their seat and holding their breathe. Every movement of the characters as they attempt to grasp on for dear life is crazy to watch.

I’ve never been a real big fan of Sandra Bullock in the past, I just never saw her appeal, even in the award winning Blind Side movie. That changes here, she delivers a performance so believable and deep, plus add in George Clooney, and you’ve got the dynamic duo that really delivers and makes this movie simply unforgettable.

What Didn’t Work: My nitpicks really exist in the realm of believability in some of the situations throughout the film, including the inferno aboard the space station, that’s all I will say, there are those instances where it feels like the filmmakers were bending physics to their advantage to make their situations work.

The ending of the film is what's really frustrating.
The ending of the film is what’s really frustrating.

The ending of the film is not quite what you’d expect, which is usually a good thing right? Here it doesn’t work, at least it didn’t for me, it felt like a typical hollywood ending that pandered to the crowds that couldn’t take a more realistic ending. That’s all I’ll say, any more may spoil things.

Final Score:



Despite my frustrations with the science behind the film at times, and the ending that made me go, “That’s Bullshit.” The film is incredibly powerful, tense, frightening, and it features some of the finest visual effect and 3D work I’ve ever seen. Plus two incredible performances from Clooney and Bullock are just icing on top of the cake. Gravity is pure movie magic, plain and simple.  9 out of 10.


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