Movie Review: Bad Milo! (2013)

It’s not often I get the chance to say this, but this was actually a pretty decent film about a rectal monster. That’s probably not the best way to start, is it? Maybe I should start again, but this time with an actual plot description before I get into the confusing details…

Duncan is an ordinary guy, working an office job he doesn’t care for, especially after he was assigned to perform layoffs due to his boss thinking him a pushover. His wife wants a child, and he’s constantly pressured by his mother to give her a grandchild. This is not to disclude his absentee father, who left shortly after he was born. Needless to say, Duncan’s got a lot of built-up stress. Unfortunately for him, he just bottles up this stress inside of himself, and never resolves anything. After a while, he starts to receive extreme pain in his stomach as a result of this stress, and when things get too much, he blacks out, and a small (and constantly switching between cute and malevolent) creature exits his… y’know.

What Worked:

It was nice to see the use of primarily, if not entirely special effects for a film like this. Milo, and his puppetry, are a sight to behold. You can tell that the FX crew were hard at work providing personality to the little butt-goblin. Though there were quite a few comedic talents onboard, Peter Stormaire steals the show as Duncan’s kooky shrink, obviously having fun hamming it up while telling Ken Marino’s Duncan to befriend his little inner monster. Surprisingly, for a film with this subject matter and an obvious dedication to making an ode to B-schlock film, the story is deeper than surface level. The story confronts a very basic fear of not being good enough to be a father, and a desire to have comfort over responsibility, and gets rather heartfelt in the final third.

How could you ever be scared of this pwecious widdle guy…?

What didn’t:

Unfortunately, as what happens with many films with a lot of comedic talent, some cast members fell flat, and others seemed underutilized, especially Stephen Root, whom I loved in Office Space. Another huge flaw of the film was the lack of clarity in the mythos. You couldn’t tell what specifically was up with Milo, and what specifically were his limitations and how he actually interacted with Duncan and his body, and to me, that was a rather huge bummer. I was excited to learn more about this gross little hobgoblin, then disappointed by the continued mystery, even until the finale. Some plot points were rather predictable, which I’m sure they will be to anyone who willingly and knowingly watches this type of film, but the whole film is just such a fun ride, you can usually just ignore those little bumps.

Oh crap crap crap. I was so, so wrong.

Final Score:

While it suffers from the odd burp here and there, Bad Milo! was a fun, heartfelt, and enjoyable little schlock-fest. I’d say it’s well worth renting and watching with a buddy (so long as digestion humor doesn’t bother their stomach). 7 torn pants out of 10.


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