About the Film Freaks!

We know some of you have  been reading our reviews for awhile now, and we’ve decided that as a thank you,  we’d give you some insight as to who we are, what we’re like, and all that! CinematiChris- 1410817_10201269285037291_2003230928_o Co-founder/owner of FFR and the resident Red Mage reviewer of the crew. Writes about pretty much all forms of media, but isn’t really an expert in reviewing a specific type. Yet.   He hopes to one day become either a filmmaker or a professional film critic like Siskel, Ebert, or Doug Walker. His weaknesses include Oreos and bullets.

Hobbies: Pizza, playing too many video games, and writing.

Dislikes: Cities lacking good Mexican food. And Uwe Boll.

Phantomhour- Founder/Owner of FFR and a gigantic horror freak. Sometimes watches other genres, but mostly horror, and enjoys October’s HorrorAthon the most. Working to become a 3D animator in the industry someday. Weaknesses include Sushi, Big Red soda, and any new horror flick released.

Hobbies: Video Games, Nerding out about giant robots with CinematiChris and planning fantasy vacations he can never afford.

Dislikes: His job at the movie theater, living in a city with nothing to do, Michael Bay and Uwe Boll.

Freekz80- 944218_10201189263236944_2080235665_nWriter for Film Freak Reviews! Enjoys most genres of film, but leans towards gritty action, sci-fi, and fantasy. Horror is beginning to grow on him, and comedy always has its place. Currently studies Finance, but is heavily involved in eSports and hopes to break into that industry soon. Weaknesses include coffee and women with dark features.

Hobbies: Streaming/Casting/Coaching StarCraft II, and enjoying a well prepared hookah.

Dislikes: Lag


biopichohnPractically born holding a SNES controller, he has always had a soft spot for Nintendo’s most iconic characters and franchises. Aside from gaming, he also enjoys reading comics (mainly DC) and yes, even the occasional movie. He’s currently studying Graphic Design and hopes to turn it into a career.

Hobbies: Gaming, graphic novels, comics, drawing.

Dislikes: Pizza, horrible dialogue, loading screens, and when B is the default jump button.


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