Film Review: Godzilla (2014)



After seeing Roland Emmerich’s magnum opus (read: terrible) remake of Godzilla, I have often wondered what it’d take to make a good remake of the franchise. Never have I thought that would be a movie with next to no Godzilla, yet here we are…

Instead of focusing on the big lug himself, the newest iteration of the the classic King of Kaiju instead sets itself around the Brody family, particularly Bryan Cranston’s Joe, and Aaron Johnson’s Ford, whose lives were impacted by a mysterious reactor meltdown that led to the death of Joe’s wife and Ford’s mother. By present day, Ford has moved on and joined the military while his father is still obsessed with the meltdown and what caused it. After his father has been arrested for trespassing,  Ford goes back to Japan, hoping to bring him back to the states and put the past behind them. Unfortunately, the same tremors that caused the meltdown return, signaling  the return of destructive creatures known as Mutos, radioactivity guzzling kaiju, as well as the titular creature…

While the film does a fantastic job building up the appearances of the Mutos and Godzilla, it doesn’t exist without flaws. The film’s greatest weaknesses are perhaps the humans and the writing of them. While Bryan Cranston’s writing and performance are thoroughly engaging, the rest of the people in the cast don’t seem to have much personality beyond their jobs.


On the positive side, however, the sound and visuals are top-notch.  Godzilla screeches and towers above everything, and it is amazing. While he is hidden offscreen for most of the film, and the majority of the monster views are of the Mutos, when he comes out to play, the audience in my theater (myself included) were yipping and yeah-ing. Also, while there weren’t many, the fights were great between the Mutos and Godzilla.


While it’s not perfect, it’s still a damn fun time, especially if you’re a kaiju fan like myself. 7 destroyed buildings out of 10.




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