HORRORATHON Film Review: The Collection (2012)


Starring Josh Stewart, Christopher McDonald, and Emma Fitzpatrick

Directed by Marcus Dunstan

I’m really getting an ALIENS vibe from this. Just me? No?

After going through hell and back in The Collector, Josh Stewart’s Arkin returns to face his tormentor, the devious Collector, after barely escaping with his life. As it turns out, even his escape has a price, because shortly after, he’s kidnapped from the hospital he’s recovering in by Christopher McDonald’s rich Mr. Peters in order to lead a team of mercs into the Collector’s hideout to save his recently collected daughter Elena (Fitzpatrick). Unfortunately for Arkin and company, even in his hideout, the Collector is deviously prepared…

Arkin's gonna have a hell of a time facing his fears...
Arkin’s gonna have a hell of a time facing his fears…

While the acting is decisively a step better than the first, and has more quality in it by at least one newcomer to the franchise (Emma Fitzpatrick in particular) the game hasn’t quite stepped up in the way it should. The film’s visual quality is certainly helped by what appears to be a conversion to HD camerawork, compared to the first’s relative fuzziness.

I like this series, and its concept, I really do, but probably the film’s biggest problem is the fact it’s obvious that the director’s vision for the series was less a tense mystery with some serious threats and painful looking traps, but instead a Diet version of Saw. This is where that earlier ALIENS reference comes in, because, compared to the original, it’s like the film has an entirely different tone and pace, even with the same antagonist.

The film features more and more illogical and extravagant traps from the Collector, including a huge (and rather silly if you take a second to think about it) set piece at a nightclub in the beginning of the film. It isn’t helped by the exuberance of gore, which is switched between being funnily over the top, and being brutal and disgusting. The film would have been much better if it could decide which way it wanted to take it’s rather extensive amount of violence, either in a silly, Evil Dead 2 way, or a brutal, make you flinch Martyrs way.

Scares: 3/10. Aside from jump scares, the film  is mainly intended to disturb more than scare.

Gore: 9/10. Nearly an entire nightclub is massacred in the first 15 minutes, producing the same amount of gore as the Evil Dead remake’s finale… I think that’s ’nuff said.

Seriously, did the fenced in walls not clue you in to the fact this place is sketchy?
Seriously, did the fenced in walls not clue you in to the fact this place is sketchy?


Beware!: Claustrophobia, insects, non-consensual body modification, spiders, mazes, hotels, dogs, zombies (kind of but not really)

Final Score: 5/10.




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