HORRORATHON Film Review: Young Frankenstein (1974)


Starring: Gene Wilder, Marty Feldman

Directed by: Mel Brooks

Reviewed by: Freekz80 (Blake Mickatavage)

Those of you who’ve seen this film may notice that it isn’t our typical horror review! That said, this is a classic film that should be in every film enthusiast’s Halloween collection.

Gene Wilder plays the hilarious Dr. Frederick Frankenstein, a professor at a medical school in America. He is absolutely disgusted with the work of his grandfather, Victor Frankenstein, and attempts to completely disassociate himself with him. However, he soon learns that he has inherited the family estate in Transylvania, and travels there to check it out. There, he meets the strange and witty servant Igor (Feldman) and the beautiful but slightly dull assistant Inga (Teri Garr), and becomes encapsulated in the work of his grandfather. After deciding to resume the experiments of Victor Frankenstein (and comically using a brain labeled “abnormal”), the Frankenstein Monster is reborn and hilarity ensues.

“Where wolf?” “…There, wolf.”

What works: Everything. To be honest, this film does not have a dull moment, and is a fantastic homage to the original story. The comedy is always well delivered, with humor ranging from simple, lighthearted slapstick to slightly vulgar innuendos. While Wilder does an exceptional job as Dr. Frankenstein, pouring pure emotion and hysteria in his role, I’d like to shed light on Feldman’s role as Igor. His character had me laughing at every point he was featured on screen. In addition, Peter Boyle plays a very convincing and energetic Frankenstein Monster, and who knew a character could convey such comedy without speaking at all?

What doesn’t work: Off the top of my head, I really can’t think of anything. This film was so well put together and is easily an example of Mel Brooks’ finest work. It clearly pays affection to the classic horror genre, with black and white cinematography and a ghastly soundtrack. While being absolutely hilarious, it also contains a few very impacting scenes; it’s hard to get more iconic than Wilder shouting, “IT’S ALIVE!!!”


Scares: As this is more of a horror comedy, there aren’t much in the ways of scares. However, the gothic atmosphere of the film does give it an eerie feel, and the monster is very convincing. 3/10.

Gore: Brains in preservative? Not a whole lot to offer here. 1/10.

Final Score: 10/10


10/10. Yes, I actually rated this film above Fight Club.


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