TV Pilot Review: iZombie (2015)


Starring: Rose McIver, Malcolm Goodwin, Rahul Kohli

Reviewed by: Phantomhour (Brendan Graham)

Zombies. The media has a love/hate relationship with them. Whether you’re into The Walking Dead on AMC, or grown tired of walking corpses, you won’t be able to avoid brain munchers on TV. The latest undead spectacle arrived on The CW. Yes, the CW who shows Arrow, The Flash, The Vampire Diaries, all the shows my wife watches. How did my first adventure with iZombie turn out? Will I tune in for episode 2?


Based on the comic from DC/Vertigo, the show follows Liv, a young med student who made the mistake of going to a party with the wrong crowd..and got attacked and infected with the zombie virus after the party fell apart. After waking up in a body bag on the beach, she realizes what has happened to her. She’s dead, well rather, undead. She’s still able to think and control her instincts, but alas she’s a zombie. She drops out of med school and starts working at the morgue due to her need to eat brains. Her family doesn’t understand her new personality of not caring about anything and thus shuns her and shames her. She breaks off her engagement with the love of her life so she doesn’t infect him. Her new life as a zombie sucks, until she realizes she has a gift.

I posed the question before the break, Will I be tuning into the next episode? The answer is absolutely. I had a blast with this show. The cast is pretty fantastic, the script is witty and well-timed, and it acknowledges it’s comic roots so well that it’s just fun to watch.


I get a kick out of Rose McIver’s performance as Liz. She’s snarky, cynical and incredibly funny. It’s a natural performance that pulls you into the world of this world of zombies, detective work and family drama that ties everything in so well together. The supporting cast, especially her co-worker at the morgue who seems to be so fascinated with her, (played by Rahul Kohli), is wonderful as well, he’s such a goofball that you can’t help but want to work with him and hang out with him, even if it’s around corpses, either ones you’re prying open or one that’s walking around pretending to be alive.


If anything needs to be worked on, and we will see how it progresses throughout the series, is the pacing of the show. It goes from quickly moving from one action scene to another, to dwelling on her hiding in her room for a little too long. We’ve touched on the problem of pacing many times in other reviews, especially horror films, and you know as well as me, that it can make or break the experience. It wasn’t enough to break iZombie, but we shall see if they can pick up the pace at the right times.

Final Score:


iZombie is a treat waiting to divulge in, and it’s probably one of my new favorite shows so far. We will see how well they can keep up the charm along the series, so it’s hard to say if it will remain great. However, if you need a new show to start on, iZombie is a fantastic choice to sink your teeth into.

8.5 Brains out of 10.


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