Game Review: Mario Party 10 (2015, Wii U)


Reviewed by: Phantomhour (Brendan Graham)

It’s no secret that Mario Party is one of Nintendo’s most successful franchises. The mini games are addicting, and the board game aspect was brutal among friends, and took ruthless strategy. So naturally, after I bought my Wii U, I was counting down the days until Mario Party 10 arrived. I wanted to spend a bit of time with it before I wrote up a review for it, but since most of the internet has already wrote theirs, I’m going to keep it short and sweet.


Mario Party 10 is both quality fun and disappointing. The HD visuals are gorgeous and really make the maps come to life, and the character models have never looked better. Effects on the board are fun and whimsical, and each map has it’s own personality and form of game play. I had the most fun with Bowser’s map, as it was pretty brutal to survive most of the traps set into play.

The change in mechanics includes all players ride together on a buggie and travel through the map together. You don’t collect stars anymore like you used to, you cross little way points that give you the stars if you happen to cross it on your turn. Huh, that’s not very fun. At least there are mini games right? You don’t get to play them after every set of turns anymore, you actually have to land on a vs space in order to play one, so technically you could play a whole match without getting to play a mini game. Hmm. What about online play? Nope. That’s pretty lame.


The saving grace to everything, is Bowser Mode. It’s probably the best thing to happen to Mario Party since Mario Party 2, and that’s saying something. Four players play the normal set of characters on their Wii Motes, and the fifth player on the Wii U Touchpad, gets to play as Bowser. You chase the players across the board, and if you catch them, you get to try to take them out in sadistic mini games. It’s a blast, and when you see Bowser chasing you across the map, it’s actually pretty intense.


Final Score:


Despite the lack of Mini games, and the old ruthless ways of game play, Bowser Mode steals the show and makes this title worth picking up to play with friends, just don’t expect to play it online, for some reason they didn’t think about that feature.

7 stars out of 10.


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