TV Review: Scream Queens (2015) HorrorAthon 3


Created by: Ryan Murphy (Glee, American Horror Story)

Starring: Jamie Lee Curtis, Emma Roberts, Skyler Samuels and Lea Michelle

Reviewed by: Brendan Graham (Phantomhour)

I’ll just come out and say it. I hated Glee. American Horror Story is also hit and miss with the finales being gigantic buckets of suck. So, I was very nervous about this latest work by Ryan Murphy about a sorority house that is plagued by a murderer after an incident that happened at the house 20 years ago. This time around he was aiming for a comedy, so hopefully that means it’s funny right? I watched the first couple episodes, and while this review doesn’t represent the whole show, it gives you a taste.



This show is ridiculous, and sometimes not in the best ways. Each of the girls (pictured above) are the members of Kappa house, and are the worst human beings imaginable. They are the epitome of disgusting college behavior, yet that also makes them endearing….mostly. They are presented in such a way that like in many slasher flicks, you can’t wait to see them die in the most brutal ways possible.

20 years ago, one of the sisters died at the house while giving birth and the sisters were too busy partying to help her. They left the baby somewhere and disposed of the body. Now we see a freshman, Grace, wanted to connect with her mother who was a Kappa girl, and she wants to join the Kappa house. That’s really all there is to the story up until the point someone gets murdered. Maybe I should mention the fact that scream queen alumni, Jamie Lee Curtis, is the dean of students, and she quite possibly has the weirdest character of all.


The story is thus far is batsh*t crazy, and I don’t want to spoil anything for you folks if you plan on watching it. But the problem is the story and characters are too batsh*t crazy, and you have a hard time liking anybody which is the usual Ryan Murphy fare. Plus, Rachel from Glee is in it, and meh, I’m not a big fan of Lea Michelle.


Score (So Far)


I haven’t seen enough to decide if I like the show or not. I mean, it has personality and some good kills, but the characters are mostly so damn unlikable and stereotypical that it’s hard to tell where things are going. However, I am interested to see what happens next, and I’ll reserve my judgement until the season’s end.

6 blades out of 10.


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