Game Review: The Walking Dead Season 1 (2012, PC) HorrorAthon 3


Reviewed by: Brendan Graham

Tell Tale Games is doing wonderful things with narratives and game play, and one of the finest examples begins with the end of the world. Zombies. Everyone loves them or are sick of them, but there are a few occasions where you’d be hard pressed to find someone who wasn’t emotionally hit by this game.


Lee is in trouble. He’s on his way to prison when the police officer who is driving him swerves to avoid a person in the road, and crashes down a hill. When Lee wakes up, he quickly realizes that something isn’t right, and that these people walking around him are not human anymore, they feast on flesh. Along the way he meets other survivors, most importantly Clementine, who is waiting for her parents in a tree house. They travel together and try not to turn on each other or get eaten along the way.


This game is presented in episodic format, and it’s brilliant in it’s execution. Each chapter gets more intense than before, and you really feel like you know these characters, they feel real. Plus, the fact that you make decisions along that way that can cause the deaths of others, makes it an emotionally heavy experience.


Clementine is a crowd favorite, as a young girl who is forced to grow up faster than needed, in a world that is out to get her. It’s a tragic story, and be prepared for tears. Not kidding, I cried when I finished episode 5. It was rough, but so wonderful.

If anything, the beginning episodes go way too slow compared to later episodes, it’s inconsistent in pace, and that gets in the way of being a perfect experience.

Final Score


Tell Tale Games nailed it. It’s intense, emotionally gripping and addictive, and you’ll be impressed with how involved you are with the story and the characters. Be prepared to cry.

9.5 Zombies out of 10.


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