Film Review: The Skeleton Key (2005) HorrorAthon 3


Directed by: Ian Softley

Starring: Kate Hudson, Peter Sarsgaard and Joy Bryant

Reviewed by: Brendan Graham (Phantomhour)

Voodoo, Hoodoo, Black Magic, Plantations that creep the living hell out of people…also delicious food, New Orleans has a reputation for the macabre, and this flick also uses said reputation to build scares. Does the film still hold up 10 years later?


Kate Hudson plays a hospice nurse that is taking care of a family in a spooky old New Orleans plantation. In true horror movie fashion, she puts her nose where it doesn’t belong and gets wrapped up in a mystery about the houses ominous past.

It holds up decently, though it lacks the same punch that it did on it’s first viewing. It showcases a rather depiction of black magic (at least from my understanding of it) and should be commended for some genuine chills, especially in the house where what she sees and hears sends shivers down your spine. It’s also a fine choice for families as it features no graphic violence or gore, but the twist at the end will divide the crowd, and you may have some arguments at hand.


I don’t particularly enjoy Kate Hudson as an actress, but the rest of the cast shines throughout, making this hoodoo whodunnit a lot of fun to watch, even though it can be rather dull towards the middle.

Final Score


It doesn’t float my boat anymore, but I’m kind of jaded as I’ve seen lots of other well done horror flicks over the years. But if you enjoy a little black magic, then this film should do the trick.

6.5 candles out of 10.


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