Game Review: Ju-ON The Grudge (Wii, 2009) HorrorAthon 3


Reviewed by: Brendan Graham (Phantomhour)

A Haunted House Simulator? While your friend is playing, you can press a button and scare them? Sign me up for that! Oh…it’s not as cool as it sounds.


The game play is simple, use the Wii mote to get through several levels as the curse of the Grudge follows you about. Don’t run out of battery or she’ll get you. Jump scare, jump scare, level is over. It’s good cheap fun, until it starts getting old, and that’s when the frustration sets in.


The controls are laggy, sometimes when you swish the remote left to right, it doesn’t pick it up and you die. Then you have to replay the level again, screw that. There are some legitimate scares in this game, but none of them are caused by a buddy. The cheap scares triggered by the other remote, do really fast and silly things like, make bugs crawl over the screen or make hair come out of no where. It’s lame.

Final Score


It’s a shame really, it’s such a good idea, but it’s awful in presentation. Still, if you have a friend who is jumpy, you can get some chuckles out of it.

2.5 curses out of 10.


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