Film Review: La Casa Muda (2010) HorrorAthon 3

La-casa-muda_posterDirected by: Gustavo Hernandez

Starring: Florencia Colucci

Reviewed by: Brendan Graham

Don’t you love movies that make you grip the edge of your seat? Leave you breathless sometimes? You do? Okay, one more question. Don’t you hate it when a movie falls apart at the end? Me too.

casa muda 1

La Casa Muda (aka The Silent House) was one of the many foreign horror flicks that got an American remake. The American version starring Elizabeth Olsen, didn’t make too much of a wave here in the states, mainly because it had similar issues (aka it was a shot for shot remake). The story tells of a young woman and her father who are fixing up a cottage for a new owner, when strange occurrences start happening. When her father goes upstairs to check on the noises, that’s when the terror begins.

maxresdefault (1)

La Casa Muda builds it’s tension quickly, the camera movements happen in long takes (not all in one like many people rumored it was, you can tell where the cuts are) but it’s impressive in scale, and it really shows the skill of this young actress. She’s fantastic in her performance, and her look of terror feels genuine. The darkness holds a lot of tricks in this flick, and you’ll find yourself jumping out and back into your seat multiple times, some brilliant scares throughout.


Where it falls apart, however, is at the end, where not only will many audiences find themselves a little confused, but a lot of them will be mostly disappointed by the reveal of the situation at hand. It’s not terrible shocking, in fact I found myself having predicted it as one of the outcomes, but I had hoped I was wrong.

Final Score


The more I think about the flick, theres more to like than I originally expected, and I’ll be more generous since i had a lot of fun watching. It’s edgy, tense and at times genuinely scary, it just lost its way, and that’s a little disappointing. But most of it is good.

7 spooky noises out of 10


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