TV Review: Hellevator (Game Show, 2015) HorrorAthon 3


Reviewed by: Brendan Graham (Phantomhour)

This will be a quick one, but I finally watched the first couple episodes of Game Show Network’s newest horror game show, and thought I’d let you know if it was worth watching or not.


It’s a lot of fun! Three contestants enter the “Hellevator” and are told they have to complete horrifying tasks in order to earn cash they can bring home. They will have 5 minutes to complete the task and find their way back to the start point, if they don’t make it, the team loses that portion of the money, and that contestant is killed off (eliminated if you prefer) The formula works, and the backstory for each episode are well told. If I had any complaints about the show it would be the length. This show could easily be cut to a half hour, where a lot of unneeded moments can be trimmed.

Final Score

GoodIt’s definitely worth a watch, and if you have Hulu, you can watch just in time for Halloween!

7.5 screams out of 10


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