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Listmania: Top 10 Horror Films of the Last 10 Years

2005: The Descent

From the director of DOG SOLDIERS, a bunch of women enter a cave to find darkness, claustrophobia, insanity, and something far more intimidating…

2006: Behind the Mask:The Rise of Leslie Vernon

Getting the wheels rolling on the horror satire trend,  Behind the Mask folllows a camera crew documenting the day-to-day of a very Voorhees-esque killer and has a number of genre cameos.

2007: Bug

From the mind of William Friedkin comes this terrifying little tale of what drugs and paranoia can do to wreak havoc on Michael Shannon and the people who come near him. Not one for the easily perturbed.

2008: Martyrs

An intense horror film that taught me the depths of how much I can stomach before I don’t want to watch anymore. If you’re a genre fan, definitely see once, though I doubt you’d like to again.

2009: Trick R’ Treat

A fun collection of spooky and darkly humorous shorts a la Creepshow from the director of the upcoming Krampus.

2010: Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil

The first on this list that’s more comedy than horror, this movie pokes holes in all of your favorite crazed hillbilly killer films.

2011: Attack the Block

A British film about a gang of rough-around-the-edges inner city kids who are forced to face off against a cadre of intimidating aliens in their apartment complex.

2012: The Cabin in the Woods

Joss Whedon’s and Drew Goddard’s sometimes funny, sometimes scary look at the genre.

2013:  The Conjuring

A well-acted, atmospheric film based on a true story. Ish.

2014:  The Babadook

A very creepy look at a skewed family dynamic and mental/moral decay.

2015: It Follows

Sex ghost, the movie. If you want to know more, check out our review.


The Future of Film Freaks

Hello Fellow Film Freaks,

A lot of you have probably noticed that the activity on the website has been pretty minimal and sporadic. We can certainly understand a lot of frustrations you may feel with our lack of updates and new reviews on a lot of really good new releases. We’ve missed many opportunities, including the Oscars, the guessing game we’ve wanted to do, that just didn’t happen. I’m hoping (Phantomhour here) that I can shed some light on some of what’s going on with us, so that it may clear the air on the future of Film Freak Reviews.

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HORRORATHON Game Review: The Evil Within (2014,X360)


What do you get when you mix two parts Resident Evil with a dash of Silent Hill and Hellraiser? A gory, demented survival horror made of the stitched together corpses of several other franchises that have been struggling for awhile. Maybe it was time to give them some shock treatment to make a new beastie, and that was director Shinji Mikami’s goal. To bring the survival horror genre back from the large spell of terribleness to mediocrity. So… did he catch lightning in a body and re-animate the genre or do I need to call cleanup to get rid of that burnt corpse smell?

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Listmania: Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary Special! Worst to Best!

With today being the official 30th anniversary of the release of Ghostbusters, I thought it would be appropriate to go over all things Ghostbusters, and rank them, Listmania style, from worst to best! Note, this is exclusively Ghostbusters stuff I’ve experienced firsthand, so I can’t judge stuff like original release Ecto-Cooler, unfortunately.

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Game Discussion: Super Smash Bros. For Nintendo 3DS/Wii U- Features I Would Like To See

Super Smash Bros. For Nintendo 3DS is set to release sometime during this summer, and with Nintendo’s Smash Bros. based E3 event a mere two weeks away, hype for Super Smash Bros. is at a high. Smash is well known for its many game modes and features, but even so, there isn’t a whole lot of information about it outside of the main game mode, so I decided to create my own personal list of features that I would love to see.

Augmented Reality Cards For 3DS Version


Masahiro Sakurai has been known to take influence from his previous games and incorporate them into his newer games, such as including the checklist from Kirby Air Ride in both Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Kid Icarus Uprising or even the recently announced “Smash Run” mode for the 3DS Smash, which gets its roots from City Trial mode, also from Air Ride. Would it be a stretch to hope for Super Smash Bros. themed trading cards which use augmented reality, a feature originally included in Kid Icarus: Uprising? Uprising had a slew of characters, enemies, and weapons, most of which were turned into trading cards that could be viewed using the 3DS camera. This would unlock Idols (basically Trophies in Smash) for the card viewed and you could even set two cards together on your table and once viewed through the camera, 3D models of the characters will appear on your table and battle. Nintendo released two series of Kid Icarus: Uprising cards in packs of 10, and there are over 400 cards in all. Could you imagine a mode similar to this in Smash Bros? There are hundreds of Nintendo characters, and this would be a fun way to collect and unlock trophies. What if you could take 3D photos of the augmented models together on your desktop? Riding on a skateboard? Fighting on top of your toilet? Ultimately, it would just be a silly and unnecessary mode but it would be a fun use of the 3DS hardware and could be one of the few titles to make use of its AR technology.

Near Field Communication Figures for Wii U Version


As far as my knowledge goes, there is only one game that has made use of the NFC capabilities of the Wii U Gamepad, which was the Pokemon spinoff, Pokemon Rumble U. You are able to purchase capsules with a random Pokemon mini figure inside, and when placed on the NFC port on the gamepad, that Pokemon would be imported into the game. Recently, Nintendo announced their NFC platform in which Nintendo character figures will be used, but no compatible titles were mentioned. Similar to my idea for AR cards above, I could see this working for trophies. Perhaps even exclusive trophies only unlockable by collecting figures? I think it would be neat to finally have an actual physical Super Smash Bros. Nintendo trophy collection sitting on my shelf, in addition to the digital versions unlocked in game.

Streetpass Utilization


I think it’s no stretch to assume that the 3DS’s Streetpass functionality will be utilized in some form or another for the 3DS version. There are plenty of possibilities, these are just a few I think would be interesting. We already know that there will be custom move-sets to an extent, how about being able to set custom matches for whoever you tag to fight? You select a main character, customize their moves, and set the rules for the battle. For example, you select Mario, set the items to Pokeballs only, set game mode to Stamina Battle, and set the stage to Final Destination. Whoever you tag in Streetpass will then be able to battle a computer controlled Mario with your custom move-set and match rules. Streetpass has huge potential, I hope they take full advantage of it.



There hasn’t been any word on the Snapshot feature from Brawl returning, but it’s a pretty safe bet. It would be great to see the idea expanded upon too. How about being able to edit the snapshots with filters or stamps after you take them? What about getting a snapshot from everybody you Streetpass? And for crying out loud, give us an unrestricted camera.

Other Stage Forms


During the Smash Bros. Nintendo Direct, Sakurai revealed that most stages would have a “Final Destination Form”, meaning every stage has a completely flat form with no stage hazards, resembling the Final Destination stage. This was clearly done in attempt to cater to the competitive audience who prefer to play on stages with less stage hazards and emphasize more focus on skill. The only problem with this, is that Final Destination is not a balanced stage. There’s no platforms, meaning characters with a heavy emphasis on ground combat, such as Little Mac, will have a higher advantage. An easy remedy I think is to include other stage forms, such as Battlefield, which has three floating platforms, or Smashville, which has one single moving platform, to give equal opportunities for those who use characters who rely on air combat as well.

Online Communities


Mario Kart 7’s best online feature is the inclusion of Communities, where you can set the rules for a race and racers from around the world can participate in them. You could do races with no items, races with only mushrooms, only Mirror Mode tracks, and other customizable features. Super Smash Bros. just begs for this feature. Customizing the item selection, banning certain stages, setting the game mode, Smash is a game about match customization, so it would be a baffling decision to not include this feature in either version.

Match Recording


Brawl included a replay feature that allowed you to save videos of matches for up to two minutes, which is pretty limiting. Mario Kart 8 has a feature that not only allows you to record entire races, but also allows you to post the highlights to Youtube. How great would it be to be able to record entire Smash Bros. matches and upload them for the entire internet to see?

Hidden Content Between Versions


One of the downsides to the 3DS version of the game being released first, is the fact that by the time the Wii U version comes out, we will already have known the final character roster for the game for a few months. Or will we? We know that the two versions will be able to interact in some fashion, and we also know the games will have the same characters. But what if some of those characters are kept secret and will only be unlocked once the two games interact? It would be a pleasant surprise for everyone who thought the roster for the 3DS version was the final roster, and would provide further incentive to purchase both versions of the game. Why stop at just characters? How about unlockable trophies from connecting the two versions? Or even stages? There’s been nothing announced about the interactivity of the two versions aside from the fact that they can connect, so I’m most interested to see if this is something they’ll discuss at E3.

Return of Customizable Stages


Brawl was the first Smash title to include a stage builder, unfortunately the options were pretty limited. The backgrounds were generic and bland, the “blast zones” were fixed, and the tiles themselves were also limiting and visually unappealing. I’m all for custom stages returning, but as long as we get more tools and better aesthetic customization.

Downloadable Content


More stages. More characters. Extra skins or alternate costumes. The obvious choices. Nintendo has been more open to the concept of downloadable content this generation, and so far, for games supporting DLC such as Fire Emblem: Awakening and Mario Golf: World Tour, Nintendo has been holding true to thier promise of delivering complete games before selling DLC. Should Smash support DLC, hopefully it holds to this trend.



Okay, okay. So Ridley isn’t a feature. This is more of a personal tangent but the Metroid franchise needs more representation on the roster. The only playable character in Smash this 25+ year old franchise has is Samus. Twice. If there is anyone worthy of being another representative for Metroid, it would be Ridley. Well, not that there’s much choice, considering Dark Samus, Mother Brain, and Metroids are all confirmed assist trophies. He is featured in nearly every Metroid game in one form or another, not to mention he killed Samus’ parents and is Samus’ arch-nemesis. He’s a very significant villain, and he is also the true leader of the Space Pirates. The developers are clearly aware of his presence, as he’s appeared in each game in Smash Bros. In some form or another. “But Ryan!” you might say, “Not only is he too big, but his shadow was shown on the Pyrosphere stage when Sakurai talked about Boss characters!” Yes, I admit his chances of being in at this point are slim. But there’s room for hope. Ridley was one of the most requested characters for Brawl, and Sakurai himself has even stated himself that keeping character sizes to scale isn’t something Smash is known for. If Ridley was a boss, why wasn’t he outright shown? Why is it just his shadow? We also know Sakurai is one of the biggest trolls out there. He even had everyone believing Ness wouldn’t return in Brawl, and that obviously wasn’t the case. This is just speculation on my part, but similar to how Alfonzo takes Toon Link’s place on the Spirit Train stage when the player selects Toon Link as a character, I think it’s possible that Ridley as a boss will be replaced by another boss from Metroid: Other M if Ridley is selected as a character.

ridleysmashI know this is grasping at straws, but I just want to play as my favorite giant purple space dragon dammit.

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