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HORRORATHON Game Review: Outlast – Whistleblower (2014, PC)


Reviewed by: Phantomhour (Brendan Graham)

If you remember from last year, I reviewed Outlast, a survival horror stealth game from the devious minds from Red Barrels Studios. In that game, you played as a journalist acting upon a tip from an inside source of shady happenings inside Mount Massive Asylum. In Outlast – Whistleblower, you play as the inside source, and if you thought your first trip through Mount Massive was traumatizing, be prepared to be shocked and disgusted. In a good way I think.

Warning: The images in this review may be disturbing to some viewers.

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HORRORATHON Film Review: Saw (2004)



Directed by: James Wan

Starring: Tobin Bell, Cary Elwes, Leigh Whannell, Danny Glover

“I want to play a game.”

Can you believe it’s been 10 years since Saw ripped it’s way into theaters? 10 years. Does it still stand the test of time? Or has it lost it’s power after seven films in a franchise that grew tired and dull?

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HORRORATHON Film Review: Event Horizon (1997)


Directed by: Paul W. S. Anderson

Starring: Laurence Fishburne, Sam Neill

Reviewed by: Freekz80 (Blake Mickatavage)

Sci-Fi Horror films are becoming increasingly rare these days, and if this is a genre you enjoy, then you can’t miss this film. Imagine if Alien and The Thing, two absolutely phenomenal and monumental horror films, had a love child together. That’s along the lines of what you’ll find in Event Horizon.

Sam Neil stars as Dr. William Weir, the mastermind behind a ship called the “Event Horizon”, which has gone dark near planet Neptune while testing an experimental gravity drive. He joins Captain Miller (Fishburne) and his crew on a mission to respond to a distress signal received from the starship. Of course, the situation doesn’t seem very promising; all signs indicate a massacre took place aboard the “Event Horizon”.

Not the most reassuring captain’s log.

As expected, shit goes south pretty quickly. While aboard the ship, the experimental gravity drive activates on its own, sucking in Justin, one of the crew members. When they finally retrieve him shortly after, he’s completely unresponsive. He’s been changed. Dr. Weir, Miller, and company then attempt to figure out what exactly it is they are dealing with, unaware that all of them, not only Justin, have been exposed to the horrors that killed the last crew.

In my opinion, one of the best parts of this film is the plot. While not incredibly original at its roots (crew unleashes deadly power upon themselves, slowly being picked off), it is still a very refreshing take on the idea as we never actually SEE the bad guy (if you can call it that) on screen. It was quite intriguing for me to wonder and speculate as to what exactly the gravity drive led to. As the crew begins to fall apart and go completely mad, you can’t help but wonder “Why?”

Just the beginning of what the Event Horizon will show you!

Sam Neil also gives us a great performance as Dr. Weir. Though to be honest, I was just glad to see him in a movie that wasn’t Jurassic Park. Laurence Fishburne also delivers a convincing Captain Miller, though perhaps a bit cliche as the stoic and unwavering leader character. The rest of the crew, however, was a bit bland. It is quite rare for supporting characters to ever stand out, but none of them really came close in this film. Just the typical fodder characters, heh.

In addition, while overall it was a pretty disturbing experience, I felt that a handful of the events were akin to your typical, corny horror movie occurrences. Predictable, and fairly disappointing (characters essentially deserving their deaths because of stupidity, etc.) but hey, I suppose it wouldn’t be a complete horror film without those!

The doctor is in! 😉


Scares: 6/10 – Pretty disturbing overall, with some cheap jump scares. Nothing overwhelmingly frightening, though.

Gore: Galore. 9/10

Final Score: 7/10

While not my favorite Sci-Fi horror, this film is certainly worth watching, perhaps multiple times. It’s not quite on the scale of Alien or The Thing, but as I mentioned earlier, it is a refreshing spin on that sort of horror sub-genre. Certainly a collectible for any fan of horror!



HORRORATHON Film Review: Hard Candy (2005)

Hard_CandyReviewed by: Freekz80 (Blake Mickatavage)

Directed by: David Slade

Starring: Ellen Page, Patrick Wilson


Well… Where to begin? I suppose I’ll throw out the essentials. Ellen Page plays the vengeful 14 year old vigilante “Haylie” in this disturbing thriller film. Her target? 32 year old photographer Jeff Kohlver, whom she meets in an online chat room. At first, Haylie seems like your typical naive teenager; young, stupid, and vulnerable. Jeff, however, is quite the opposite. He is intelligent and composed, but nothing will prepare him for Haylie’s true nature.

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HORRORATHON Film Review: V/H/S 2 (2013)


Reviewed by: Phantomhour (Brendan Graham)

Yesterday, our very own CinematiChris, posted his review of V/H/S, so I figured we’d continue with the next part of the series. How does it rate the second time around? Are the shorts better? Let’s dive in and see.

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