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Film Review: The Orphanage (2007) HorrorAthon 3


Directed by: J.A. Bayona

Starring: Belén Rueda, Fernando Cayo

Reviewed by: Brendan Graham

Imaginary friends are often the source of all paranormal activity in horror movies, but I guarantee you haven’t seen one as terrifying and tragic.

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Movie Review: Mimic (1997) HORRORATHON

Dear Mr. del Toro, if you’re out there, somewhere, reading this review, please know I love your work. I truly do. Ask any of the other Film Freak crew members about me, and they’ll all tell you that I love your movies. That being said, I also want to let you and anyone else reading this, that this review is not a reflection of hatred or disdain for the fantastic Mr del Toro.

That being said, Mimic is about Mira Sorvino’s Susan Tyler, an entomologist and geneticist, who builds a new species of insect to combat a plague spread by cockroaches, which she calls the Judas Breed. The Judas Breed is intended to speed up the metabolism of the roaches, so they die faster as well as the plague. Of course, the Judas Breed works… but only too well. By three years later, she thinks the creatures are all dead, but some local murders and some samples she receives show otherwise… Now she must own up to her creation, and face the monsters she made before humankind becomes their prey.

mimic 03
Susan proceeds very carefully after her viewing of Men In Black…

What Worked:

Being a del Toro film, both the creature effects and cinematography excel. When you actually get a glimpse of the Judas Breed creatures, they’re pretty impressive, as long as it’s not a speedy motion. In those sequences, unfortunately, they are portrayed by some rather disappointing CGI, even for the time. Some of the shots just ooze del Toro’s traditional organized darkness, and that’s one of the solid saving graces of the film.

What Didn’t:

Pretty much everything else. Characters and plotlines were pretty much secondary in comparison to the creatures themselves, which the audience doesn’t even get a good look at until about the final third of the film. As was mentioned before, the CGI shots of the creatures were pretty awful. Plot lines that seem important at the time, like Susan’s pregnancy, are cut short and/or never mentioned again. I don’t know about most other viewers, but I feel like when pregnancy is mentioned in a movie, it adds a layer of importance to survival, yet Susan’s character pursues a ton of ridiculous actions that could easily get her and her child super killed.

Final Score:


With weak characters and script, and only a few solid effects, this is hands down GdT’s weakest effort. Though it may not actually be his fault. Probably not worth checking out unless you’re a die-hard del Toro fan. It is on Netflix if you are curious, however. 4/10.